Supreme Lobster & Seafood Company.

Back in 1973, Supreme Lobster founder Dominic Stramaglia used a child’s wading pool to hold his first shipment of live lobsters. The next morning, he found his inventory floating belly-up, thanks to a burned out compressor.

Undeterred by this mishap and his lack of experience in the seafood industry, he tried again. And again and again.

His perseverance and vision paid off. Now, more than 25 years later, Supreme Lobster and Seafood is a leading regional and national wholesale seafood distributor and a multi-million dollar business.

From coast to coast, supermarkets, retail outlets, restaurants, food service operators and more rely on Supreme Lobster and Seafood for superior customer service, excellent value, and the best quality fresh fish, fresh seafood and fresh lobster every day.

Stramaglia and his company have come a long way from that wading pool. Today, the lobster inventory is kept in four tanks that hold up to 5,000 pounds of live lobster!

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