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We will be spending the summer of 2011 celebrating the incredible bounty offered from our Domestic Hawaiian Fisheries by
presenting you, Supreme Lobster’s Culinary Community an opportunity to compete for $1,000.00 while honing your skills on the highest grade seafood in the world. Ladies & gentlemen we are thrilled to announce Supreme Lobster’s 2011 Summer Chef Challenge featuring the majestic grandeur of Hawaiian fisheries.

Hawaiian fisheries are considered to be one of the most well regulated, sustainable, fisheries on Earth and it’s this intricate care taken in the handling of each catch that sets these fisheries apart as a pinnacle world leader. We are extremely fortunate to have such close ties to a dedicated network of harpoon divers, vessel owners, captains & auction representatives as we approach this opportune time in the islands’ peak season.From all varieties of Hawaiian Tunas, to the lesser known varieties of Orange Nairagi, Uku Palu & Moi, to the exclusively limited harpoon kills of Emperor Mu’ & Opelu Kala, we are considering all species hailing from Island waters fair game for competition. The Challenge has been issued Chefs!!! Who will end this summer of 2011 as the winner with $1,000 cash and the title of Grand Champion?
The Supreme Lobster Summer Chef Challenge is open to all food service professionals & culinary students within the Supreme Lobster delivery area. Eligible Chefs who wish to compete are required to email entries to
no later than 12PM Wednesday August 31st. All entries must contain the subject line “Summer Chef Challenge” & include a photograph image of each dish no larger than 3MB along with a brief description of the dish as it would be listed on a menu. Each entry must be accompanied with individual’s contact information (email address / contact #) & business name. In the interests of offering unbiased scoring, guest judges will have access only to photographs and descriptions. Multiple entries are allowed pending all are sent independent of each other with above information included.

All entries received within the designated timeframe will be submitted to guest judges for scoring. Judges will base their first round scores on a 10 point scale, each for plating design and creativity. (20 total points possible) After judges initial scores are tallied, entries will be narrowed down to three finalists who will move on to compete in a final tasting round for $1,000.00, a position as guest judge in our next challenge & the title of Grand Champion. All competing Chefs must be available to participate in a final tasting round within the Chicago Metro area in mid September at a location to be announced.

Supreme Lobster is extremely proud to be partnering with Chicago’s
Gateway Green  on their 25th anniversary fse Chef
Cfor the final round of our Summer Chef Challenge Series. Over the years, these Chef Challenges have engaged groups of Chicago’s top culinary icons in competition; pushing the boundaries of artistic expression & creating city-wide trends in the restaurant industry. We are thrilled at the opportunity to hold this live head to head battle of Chefs at one of Chicago’s most illustrious annual events, the 20th annual Green Tie Ball. Area Chefs have already begun submitting their entries for the opportunity to compete in the final round & from what we’ve seen so far this is shaping up to one of the toughest challenges yet. Our esteemed list of guest judges includes Louisa Chu a nationally recognized Chef & Culinary Journalist, Kate Bernot Contributing Editor of NBC’s Culinary Blog The Feast & Chef Aaron McKay of the Executive Dining Room at Hyatt Chicago, alumni of Nomi, Schwa & winner of our previous Chef Challenge. For years we’ve been approached by people asking how they can be included as a guest judge in these Chef Challenges & until today it’s been a closed door, industry-only honor. We felt that this Hawaiian Challenge, our biggest one yet, coinciding with the 25th Anniversary Party of an organization dedicated to beatifying our incredible city, was a great opportunity to include 1 lucky “Chicago Civilian ” in the judging. When you purchase a ticket to this year’s Green Tie Ball you will be entered into a raffle to be seated at the judges table during the Chef Challenge Final Tasting Round. You will collaborate with your fellow judges, an esteemed group of Chicago’s culinary elite & your critiques will award one lucky Chicago Chef the $1,000.00 Grand Prize. Remember, this rare opportunity is only available with purchase of a ticket so click the link to secure your seat. We’ll see you at the Ball!!

We are thrilled to welcome Kate Bernot, Contributing Editor for one of Chicago’s newest & most informative Culinary Blogs NBC’s Feast. Kate Bernot has paused from eating just long enough to write about it for The Feast and Vocalo. An overly ambitious home baker, she often foists her pastries on unsuspecting (though usually grateful) roommates, friends and strangers. While not writing or baking, she is compensating for her decidedly un-agricultural New Jersey childhood at local farmers markets

We are proud to welcome back Louisa Chu as Lead Guest Judge moving into this epic summer long battle. Most recently appointed as Chicago Editor of Blackboard Eats, Chef Chu has also appeared as a judge on the Food Network’s “Iron Chef America”, a fixer on The Travel Channel’s “Anthony Bordain’s No Reservations”, a host on PBS “Gourmet, Diary of a Foodie” and commentator in “Big Ideas for a Small Planet on the Sundance Channel. Chef Chu has staged at the renowned El Bulli in Spain, Alain Ducasse in Paris as well as Alinea & Moto in Chicago.

As the winner of our previous Copper Shoals Chef Challenge, Chef Aaron McKay has earned his spot as this Challenge’s newest guest judge. Chef McKay currently resides as Chef de Cuisine for the Executive Dining Room at the Hyatt Center in Chicago. Previous to this, Chef McKay was Sous Chef at NoMI at the Park Hyatt Chicago followed by an amazing year at Schwa which culminated in cooking for Charlie Trotter’s 20th anniversary celebration. Aaron has had the privilege of working with an elite group of Chicago’s finest Chefs including Michael Carlson, Andrew Zimmerman, Ryan LaRoche, Andy Motto & Christophe David; all of whom, have played a distinctive influence on his cuisine. Aaron lives in Chicago’s Pullman neighborhood with wife Laura & daughter Vera.

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