Just the fish FAQs, Ma’am.

The fact is there is a lot to know about fish and seafood. There are thousands of species, wild caught fish and farmed fish, regional and seasonal differences – the list goes on. Talking to your Supreme Lobster representative is the best way to navigate the waters, but here are some basic seafood Q&A to help you.

How do I purchase seafood?

Wholesale Customers:

To ensure prompt delivery, place your order directly with your Supreme Lobster account representative. You can be assured your order will arrive fresh. Every customer seafood profile is available via a database to all Supreme Lobster sales representatives. It’s just one way we provide Supreme Service to all our customers.

Retail Customers:

For the freshest seafood, visit the Supreme Lobster retail store. Located at 220 E. North Avenue in Villa Park, Illinois, the Supreme Lobster seafood store and fresh fish market is loaded with the fresh fish, lobster and seafood that arrive in our warehouse everyday. You’ll also find a wide variety of frozen seafood, prepared items, condiments and accompaniments. Party trays and special orders are available as well.

When is the best time to buy seafood?

Most seafood isn’t affected by seasonality, so anytime is a good time to purchase fish or lobster. However, some fish species, such as Wild Salmons, Halibut and Soft-shell Crabs, are seasonal and will only be available fresh during that time.

To learn more about the fish seasonality and what’s hot now, ask your Supreme Lobster account representative.

Why do you sometimes run out of a fish specie?

Like any other commodity, fish and seafood are at the whims of supply and demand. Issues such as seasonality, over-harvesting, pollution, or rising foreign consumption can all contribute to specie scarcity.

In addition, not all the fresh seafood and lobster Supreme Lobster and Seafood Company receives daily make the cut. We have the highest standards of acceptance, and if for any reason we feel that a delivery is not of quality we refuse the shipment. In this way we provide our customers with only the finest seafood at all times.

Is Mahi Mahi related to the dolphin?

NO. Mahi Mahi is the Hawaiian word for Dolphin Fish. Hawaiians so named the fish because it swims in front of ships like dolphins.

What are Omega-3 fatty acids? What benefits do they provide?

Omega-3’s are unsaturated fatty acids that are believed to have an anti-inflammatory effect in the body. Omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to numerous health benefits including improved learning ability in children, lower blood pressure, reduced triglycerides and blood clotting, enhanced immune function and more.

It is recommended that adults eat at least two, three-ounce servings of fish rich in omega-3 each week.

Which fish are highest in Omega-3’s?

Many fish species are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, including Salmon, Herring and Tuna. As a general rule, ocean fish provide more omega-3’s than fresh water fish. Fish such as Tilapia and Catfish have low amounts of omega-3’s.

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