Lobster. It’s our namesake!

When you stake your name on a product, it has to be the best. Brought in from every corner of the world by our top-tier fishery partners, we take every measure to ensure maximum freshness and quality. Available in every variety imaginable, Supreme Lobster’s lobster products will fulfill every menu need.

Supreme Lobster and Seafood Company takes the worry out of seafood selection so you can focus on what matters most to you – your business.

Maine Lobsters

The pride of New England, the Maine lobster, live or frozen is sought after around the world. Maine lobster in particular is mild and sweet in flavor. It has a subtle, fibrous texture, and the tail meat is firmer than the claw meat. In general, the meat itself is white with red tinges and is wonderful steamed, boiled or even grilled.

Canadian/Cold Water Lobster Tails

With the majority of lobster meat found in the hearty tails, many prefer this portion only. Coldwater lobster tail boasts an incredibly smooth, velvety texture that easily pulls away from the shell and literally melts in your mouth. The meat tastes sweeter than the warm water equivalent.

African Lobster Tails

South African lobster tails are one of the premier seafood choices around the world. The sweet, succulent meat presented with a vibrant red shell. Considered the more exciting coldwater lobsters due in part to the naturally brilliant red shell compared to the brown shell of American lobsters.

Brazilian Lobster Tails

The warm waters off the coast of Brazil provide the ideal environment for the best tasting lobsters in the world. The meat cooks up tender and flavorful every time. Brazilian Lobsters shells are dark and the compact claws contain notably delicate and delicious meat.

North Australian Lobster Tails

Renown for their beautiful green shells, North Australian lobsters have a smooth, mild flavor. These lobsters are a delicacy enjoyed the world over.

Rock Lobsters

Rock lobsters or spiny lobsters are a warm water variety that lack claws. So all of the delicious, subtly sweet meat is packed into the tail.

Slipper Lobsters

Found in Brazil and Taiwan, the slipper lobster delivers a satisfying shellfish experience. The meat is almost pure white to the point of translucent and tastes as sweet as, if not sweeter, than rock lobster.

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