We’re a little shellfish.

Actually we’re a LOT shellfish. From clams and oysters to scallops and mussels, if it’s a little crustacean, we’ve got it. To give you a better idea of our inventory, here’s a partial list of our regularly available shellfish. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Call us! Chances are, we have it. If not, we’ll get it!

Bay & Sea Scallops

It is the shell muscle of the Scallop – the white cylinder of flesh that opens and closes the scallops’ shell – that gastronomers find so tasty. It has a soft fleshy texture with a delicately mild sweet flavor.


This many varieties of this mollusk are enjoyed for their substantial texture and versatility. Clams can be prepared or used in just about every way imaginable. Steamed, baked or fried, or in soups, chowders and sauces, the clam is a culinary wonder!


Oysters are known for their distinctive, salty flavor and meaty texture. Many oyster lovers relish the plump, juicy meat that ranges in color from creamy to light brown. East coast and West coast varieties available.


Once consider a delicacy in Africa and Asia, periwinkles are fast becoming a popular seafood choice. The delicate meat of this snail is high in protein yet low in fat.

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