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At Supreme Lobster we pride ourselves on being your single-source seafood solution! That includes offering hard-to-find and specialty items. Here are some of our regularly available specialty seafood products. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Call us! Chances are, we have it. If not, we’ll get it!


Relished as a delicacy, caviar is the roe of a large fish, usually sturgeon. It served salted and seasoned, enhancing a basic egg yolk flavor embellished with a touch of herb, iodine and, some say, hazelnut. The smell of caviar, which also has its importance, is very typical and will be soft and fresh.

Hot & Cold Smoked Products

There is a variety of both hot and cold smoked seafood. Perhaps the most recognizable is smoked salmon, or lox. It’s rich flavor goes equally well in spicy or sweet dishes. And, of course, it adds a distinctive musty hint of wood smoke.

Pasteurized Crabmeat

Pasteurized crabmeat has long been a favorite of many kitchens due to its stability. Because the process locks in the freshness and flavor of the meat, it remains robust and flavorful making it ideal for crab cakes, soufflés and salads, even pizza.

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