With Supreme Lobster & Seafood, you’ll be swimming in sales.

As a leading seafood direct importer and wholesaler, you’ll find Supreme Lobster & Seafood products in retail freezer chests and display cases across the nation. Fresh or frozen, retailers and their customers continually turn to Supreme Lobster for superb quality products that perform reliably every time.

In fact, our Supreme Choice™ frozen seafood products not only continually outperform the competition, but move the needle on overall category sales. Plus, our Retail Seafood Solution is designed to deliver maximum variety and turns.

Add to this our unmatched customer service and marketing support, and you can see how if you stock Supreme, you’ll be swimming in sales!

It’s all about who you know.

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For over 35 years Supreme Lobster has been delivering the best in seafood. Read our story.

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