Supreme Choice™ Premium Scallops

IQF Scallops in the frozen section? The answer is Yes! – with Supreme Choice premium bay and sea scallops.

Purchased directly from our trusted partners from around the globe, Supreme Choice scallops are always 100% Net weight and produced from sustainable sources. Plus, they are available in both 5# food service and 1# retail exact weight bags to fulfill all your pack and sizing needs.

Sweet, white and all meat, Supreme Choice bagged IQF Scallops are a great value and convenience for you and your customers!

Supreme Choice Scallops
Item # Item Description Pack Size UPC Code
225750 IQF U/10 2X5 LB 8 27486 20270
225760 IQF 10/20 2X5 LB 8 27486 20274
225770 IQF 20/30 2X5 LB 8 27486 20276
225780 IQF 30X40 2X5 LB 8 27486 20278
225920 IQF 40X60 2X5 LB 8 27486 20280
226010 IQF 60X80 2X5 LB 8 27486 20282
732140 IQF 30X40 10X1 LB 8 27486 20258
732180 IQF 80X120 10X1 LB 8 27486 20266


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