Safe Harbor Certification

is the most comprehensive seafood safety program ever created and is now more rigorous than ever—we have expanded our real-time testing protocol to uniquely include screening for select pathogens and histamine in addition to mercury. Through our stringent testing and screening process we remove uncertainty to allow consumers to enjoy seafood with the utmost confidence.

What this means

Consumer confidence in seafood has fallen dramatically. The BP oilspill, water pollution, tainted seafood imports and elevated mercury levels are among the growing list of threats to seafood safety that represent an unprecedented challenge to the seafood industry and to consumers. And the FDA, which is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the safety of seafood imports, physically inspects less than two percent (2%) of seafood imported into this country.In response, Micro Analytical Systems, Inc. (MASI) has created the most comprehensive and rigorous seafood safety
program in the world—Safe Harbor Certification. Safe Harbor Certification is the highest assurance that the seafood you consume has been tested for the most pressing long and short-term risk factors present in seafood including mercury, histamines, E. coli and Salmonella. Utilizing the most advanced proprietary technology, the Safe Harbor Certification process gives you the confidence that you are choosing seafood with mercury levels well below those allowed by the FDA while also being tested for select pathogens, histamines and other food-borne impurities. Safe Harbor Certification is a critical added safeguard that goes beyond identifying hazards and monitoring to actually test the seafood prior to distribution to retail outlets and restaurants. Simply put, Safe Harbor Certification is the most comprehensive seafood safety program ever created and is the only process of its kind in the market today.

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