Seriola Lalandi - Seriola Dumerili

Market Name(s): Amberjack Coronado Yellowtail Hamachi Kingfish Buri Hiramasa

Primary Source(s): California, Mexico, Florida, Japan

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  8-30 lbs

Amberjack are found in the Atlantic (between Nova Scotia & Brazil) and Pacific (between Japan and California) Oceans. There are also some operations that are trying to farm this species.

Wild Caught - Longline or Gillnet

Look for Wild Caught Amberjack out of California or in US Waters on the Atlantic Ocean as they represent a Good Alternative.

Amberjack provides a luscious flavor profile with a firm texture. Although perfect for sushi, sashimi and crudos, it is also excellent for sous vide, braised, direct dry heat and char applications that allow the supple fat content to melt into firm white flesh. Often used in the same applications as Hamachi and Kanpachi, this versatile ingredient continues to garner praise from some of North America's most talented Chefs.

Yellowtail Amberjack is a crowd favorite. With the firm, mild white flesh this fish pairs perfectly with crisp whites wines and light citrus lagers.