Arctic Char

Salvelinus Alpinus

Market Name(s): Arctic Char Alpine Char

Primary Source(s): Iceland

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  2-6 lbs

Long enjoyed by the natives of the Arctic Circle this fish, now readily available from our partner farm in Iceland is quickly is gaining acceptance as an excellent protein for modern cuisine.

Raised in above ground tanks using a blend of pure Icelandic spring water, seawater, and geothermal water, these fish are grown in superb conditions mirroring that of their natural environment.

Farm Raised

A sustainable seafood superstar! Arctic char ("iwana" in sushi) is an excellent "Best Choice."

The flaky flesh, which can be either pink or ivory in color should be handled in similar ways to salmon. This elegant and versatile ingredient takes well to sous vide, sautée, oven roast and grill applications. Take caution not to mask its flavor with excessive garnishes or sauces.

Arctic Char pairs well with Pinot Gris or a light Midwestern Pale Ale.