Ephinephel Lus Acanthistius

Market Name(s): Pink Baquetta

Primary Source(s): California - Baja

Season: Year round - Fall/Winter/Spring Primary Seasons

Size Range:  Up to 60 lbs

Pink Baqueta Grouper is the shining star of a wide variety of Groupers commonly exported out of Baja California and mainland Mexico.

These majestic animals thrive only in the deepest pristine ...water, along vast rural stretches of the Baja California Peninsula where they voraciously prey on various high oil fish and crustaceans. These massive 25#++ goliaths are prized for their broad white, opalescent filet that boast a phenomenal firm & succulent flavor profile.

The quality of these fish are exceptional due to years of hands on involvement by San Diego's Dan Natrass & Dave Rudy who were the pioneers in sourcing the oceanic bounty through Mexico's fleets of rural artisan fishermen . While working with the small fleet artisan fishermen to improve handling techniques for specific fishing groups rural Baja, they are paving new roads for our Chefs to be able to work with exquisite ingredients such as these gorgeous Baqueta. As a result, these groups have developed some of the best cared for products in Mexico.

Like many seafood products in the Baja, the Baqueta Grouper resource is conserved through the limitations of the rustic fishing fleet, and the lack of infrastructure in Rural Baja. The small 18-22 foot boats used to fish in these areas, use primitive hand-line fishing equipment, have both restricted fishing days. They are limited in fishing range due to weather and a lack of technological equipment. Populations of Baqueta Groupers remain strong and therefore are a sustainable Grouper choice with firm white meat that holds up to a wide variety of cooking styles.

Day Boat & Hook Line

Baquetta Groupers have a mild but distinct flavor, somewhere between bass and halibut. Cooked, the white meat has a very firm texture and heavy flake and remains moist. This fish is also very versatile, it can be grilled, baked, sauteed, or even fried.