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Market Name(s): Barramundi, Australian Seabass, Asian Seabass,Giant Perch

Primary Source(s): Australia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  Fillet 8-32oz

Barramundi is a very unique looking sea bass as they have a steep sloping back, which swoops down to a rather small head and a body color that fades from black on the upper side to silver on the belly. The fish is a native to Australia and the waters further north into Southeast Asia and can be fished there most of the year. Many countries in this area have also began farming this species.

Farm Raised or Wild Caught (Gillnet)

The Barramundi we import is farmed by vertically integrated companies who control the entire process from the growth to the feeding, harvesting and processing of the fish. As a result, the product is raised sustainably and is completely traceable with first-class food safety.

The white meat is light and flaky. It's naturally mild flavor profile allows it to take on other flavor accents readily - permitting chefs to create exceptional dishes with ease.

The fish's firm, mild, and white flake makes this selection outstanding for both seafood connoisseurs and novices alike.