Bass – Black

Centropristis Striata

Season: Year Round (More Abundant in Summer Months)

Size Range:  1-6 lbs

Black Bass are found along the Atlantic Coast (usually around the Carolinas). These "True Bass" are bottom feeders found only in ocean waters. The fish can grow up to 6 lbs, but we usually bring them in as a 1x2 lb or 2x4 lb (jumbo) fish.

Wild Caught

Traps & Bottom Trawl

Black seabass caught in the U.S. Atlantic with handlines, pots or traps worldwide is a "Best Choice." In the U.S. Atlantic, the black seabass population is healthy, there's very low bycatch and management is effective.

Black Bass is one of the most versatile fish for preparations - and one of the most prized in fine cuisine. Because of the size of this bass, one of the most popular cooking methods is doing a whole roasted fish.