Bass – California White

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Bass – California White

Atractoscion Nobilis

Market Name(s): White Seabass King Croaker

Primary Source(s): Southern California, Mexico

Season: April - August

A beloved West Coast fish, white seabass isn’t actually a seabass but a type of croaker known for its large size and fantastic flavor. Also known in the market as white weakfish and king croaker, white seabass availability in California is highest from mid-June through August. The remainder of the year, Catalina Offshore maintains a fairly consistent supply of this fish from fisheries based in Baja California.

Day Boat Hook & Line

White seabass suffered overfishing during the 1960s through the mid ’80s. Strict fishery management policies, along with local farming and re-population efforts, have since returned stocks to sustainable levels. Today, white seabass caught by hook and line is considered a “Best Choice” by Seafood Watch, and white seabass caught by gillnet is considered a “Good Alternative”. This fish is also approved by our partner in sustainability, Seafood for the Future.