Bass – Chilean Sea

Dissostichus Eleginoides

Market Name(s): Chilean Seabass, Toothfish, Icefish, Mero

Primary Source(s): Argentina & Southern Ocean

Season: Flash Frozen product is available Year Round

Size Range:  20-200 lbs

Although commonly called sea bass, this fish is not a sea bass at all, but a unique deep-water species.

Sea bass can grow to 200 pounds, although average market size for fish range between 15 and 40 pounds. Caught by longline, they can be found as deep as 5,000 feet, which has given rise to another market name, bacalao de profundidad, or "cod of the depths." Because of their large size, sea bass yield large, snow white fillets with a high fat content that is prized globally.

Wild Caught - Longline

Certified sustainable fish is available upon request.

Chilean Sea Bass reigns as a king of cuisine due to it's high fat content and luscious white meat that allows for a variety of cooking techniques and forgive-ability of offering a perfect preparation. These decadent loins work well oven roasted or with direct high heat allowing the outer parts to caramelize leaving the interior with a silky buttery mouth feel.

Chilean Sea Bass has a high fat content and pairs well with a medium body Chardonnay.