Bass – Mediterranean (Branzino)

Dicentrarchus Labrax

Market Name(s): Branzino, Loup de Mer, Lubina, European Seabass, Lavráki, Mediterranean Seabass

Primary Source(s): Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  Whole Fish 400g-1000g

Similar to our domestic Striped Bass, this selection is known by a variety of familiar names. Lubina (Spain), Loup de Mer (France), Robalo (Portugal) and finally Bronzino (Italy). This fish has become an international star in the culinary world.

Farm Raised & Wild Net Caught

European seabass farmed in recirculating aquaculture systems (aka closed tanks) worldwide is a "Best Choice." Closed tanks often have less effluent, disease, escapes and habitat impacts than other aquaculture systems.

European seabass farmed in the Mediterranean Sea in marine net pens is a "Good Alternative."

These fish are quintessential when considering an "oven roasted" or "fire roasted" option for your menu. The consistent sizing, elegant white flake and thin skin combine to form an outstanding flavor profile.

As the region's leading supplier and importer of fish from across the globe, Supreme Lobster is the only local operation sourcing these fish direct from the farms and fisheries in Greece and Turkey ensuring optimal quality and freshness.

This delicious selection pairs well with California and Washington State Chenin Blancs.