Domestic Brown Shrimp

Farfentepenaeus Aztecus

Market Name(s): Gulf Brown Shrimp

Primary Source(s): Gulf of Mexico, USA

Season: Year Round with Peak Season July - December

Size Range:  U-10 through 51-60

Brown Shrimp AKA “Gulf shrimp,” are concentrated of the Texas and Louisiana coasts. All brown gulf shrimp are harvested from the wild with trawl nets.

Trawler with Turtle Exclusion and Bycatch Reduction Devices.

Brown shrimp caught in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and U.S. Southern Atlantic with otter trawls, Florida with skimmer trawls and Mexico’s Gulf of Mexico with cast nets is a "Good Alternative." Even though all U.S. states enforce federal requirements that otter trawls have turtle excluder devices (TEDs) and Florida requires TEDs on skimmer trawls, bycatch of threatened or endangered turtles remains a concern. In Mexico, managers haven’t determined if current fishing levels are sustainable, but no other species are caught in the artisanal cast net fishery. Brown shrimp stocks are considered healthy in the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf Shrimp is considered to be the most flavorful shrimp. Browns are more firm and somewhat more plain than other gulf species. This lets you utilize the shrimp in a multitude of ways. You can boil (make sure you do it quick so it doesn't overcook), grill, stuff, and even bread them. Since their taste is not too distinctive, have some fun and use your creativity to try one of the gulf species of shrimp!