Rachycentron Canadum

Market Name(s): Cobia, Lemon Fish, Black Kingfish

Primary Source(s): Atlantic Ocean

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  4-30 lbs

Cobia can be found in warm tropical waters. They are most prominent in the Atlantic Ocean throughout the Caribbean. Currently they are also being farmed in Open Ocean pens off the coast of Panama.


Wild Hand Line

Cobia caught in the U.S. Atlantic and farmed in closed tanks is a "Best Choice." Cobia from the U.S. Gulf of Mexico is a "Best Choice" when caught with handlines and a "Good Alternative" when caught with longlines. Cobia farmed in Panama in submersible net pens is a "Good Alternative."

Although Cobia from the farms in Panama is outstanding served raw drizzled with citrus and a bright olive oil, these fish truly shine when cooked. The high fat content and firm, toothsome flesh is outstanding when either seared or charred on a wood flame.

Sauvignon blanc is the perfect option to go with this selection. High fat contents and meaty flavor is cut by the crispness of the delicate white.