Cod – Arctic

Gadus Morhua

Market Name(s): Arctic Cod, Ice Cod, Whale Cod, Skrei Cod, Marue Bacalao

Primary Source(s): Iceland, Greenland, Norway

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  8-50 lbs

Although the same species as the Atlantic Cod found in New England, the Arctic Whale Cod of Iceland are separate stocks from their American brothers. Jointly managed by Greenland, Iceland and Norway, Arctic Cod tend to differ from less migratory coastal cod in that they are longer and "sharper" in the nose. Coastal American Atlantic Cod are known to feed indiscriminately on smaller fish and crustaceans while the Icelandic Arctic Cod thrives on the plentiful capelin found within the Arctic Circle.

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Hailing from the waters running between Greenland & Iceland known as the Icelandic Vikurall, these enormous animals are the most immaculate example of an Atlantic Cod that we have ever had the pleasure to work with. Out of the enormously fertile feeding waters of where water temperatures typically stay around 1°C, the migrating Arctic Whale Cod number in the tens of millions making this one of the most abundant & sustainably managed populations on Earth.

The ivory white flesh of the Arctic Cod, which separates into large succulent flakes is excellent in a wide variety of cooking techniques due to the pristine character of the animal. Sous Vide, Skin on Pan Roasted, Lightly Breaded and Fried, Poached or Oven Roasted all lend unique profiles to this versatile ingredient!

Let your guests know that this is no ordinary Cod! The largest cod caught and super seasonal, these fish are absolutely exquisite and your diners are in for a treat.