Cod – Atlantic

Gadus Morhua

Market Name(s): Cod,Scrod, Bacalao, Marue Klipfisk

Primary Source(s): North Atlantic Ocean

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  3 - 30 lbs

The Atlantic Cod is one of the most common species of Cod available in the US market. These fish come out of the colder waters in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Bottom Trawl

Hand Line


Atlantic cod caught in the U.S. Georges Bank and U.S. Gulf of Maine with handlines is a "Good Alternative." Atlantic cod populations are overfished, and fishing levels remain too high. Handline-caught Atlantic cod is a "Good Alternative" rather than on the "Avoid" list because this fishing method has very low bycatch and no other species of concern are caught in these fisheries.

Atlantic Cod is a staple in western kitchens and applicable to most cooking techniques.

The lean meat has a mild, clean flavor and large, tender flakes. A great option for both the seafood expert and novice alike!