Cod – Black

Anoplopoma Fimbria

Market Name(s): Black Cod, Sablefish, Morue noire, Gindara

Primary Source(s): Pacific Coastal Waters

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  5-15 lbs

Sable are often referred to as Black Cod, but not actually a part of the Cod family. However, they are the highest valued fish per pound in Alaska and Pacific Coast commercial fisheries.

Another truly well managed deep water species, trap and longline caught off Pacific coasts from Baja to Alaska. Sable lives at depths of up to 600 feet resulting in a pure white fillet that has a buttery delicate flavor with massive amounts of of omega-3's. Prized in Japan as 'Gindara', nearly the entire fish can be used including collars, eggs and liver.


Pot Net


Most of the fishing is done in federal waters under the NOAA jurisdiction who's federal mandate is to eliminate overfishing and rebuild stocks. Daily, Weekly and Monthly quotas are established and vigilant stock analysis are completed regularly. Catches are incredibly well cared for and maintained resulting in a long shelf life with outstanding pristine freshness.

Sablefish is a "Best Choice" from following sources: (1) Alaska; (2) California when caught by the California Groundfish Collective; (3) California, Oregon and Washington when caught with pots or in the IFQ bottom longline fishery; and (4) California (north of Lucia), Oregon and Washington when caught in the open access bottom longline fishery. Sablefish stocks are healthy in Alaska. The stocks have been in decline on the U.S. West Coast for decades, but they are not classified as overfished. There are no to low concerns about other species that are caught by these fisheries, and management is effective.

Sable have a succulent high oil content which makes it exceptionally flavorful and highly adaptable in a variety of applications. Smoked, Poached, Sous Vide, Roasted or even served raw as crudo.

Sablefish meat has a high fat content, which gives it a rich though fairly mild flavor. It has a distinctive taste all its own. Its high oil content also gives sablefish a soft, velvety texture.