Compass Point

Source: Chef’s Resource

Compass Point Oysters are grown and harvest in Samish Bay in the Northern Puget Sound waters of Washington State. They are cultivated using the Rack & Bag method and are raised in an intertidal zone so they do get some natural tumbling from the tides. However, they are not tumbled in the sense that Shigoku or Kusshi oysters are. Their shells are somewhat brittle compared to the Kusshi and their cups are not as deep.

Type: Crassostrea gigas
Harvest Location: Samish Bay, North Puget Sound, WA
Flavor Profile: Compass Point oysters have average cup depth and semi-brittle shells. They have crisp, sweet, plump meats with a medium-high salinity and a melon finish.
Size: up to 3 1/2″
Pack Size: 60 count

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