The ocean surrounding the picturesque Coromandel Peninsula is nutrient-rich and given its incredibly remote location remains totally pollution-free, resulting in one of the cleanest tasting oysters imaginable. These exquisite animals are simply one of the best Oysters on Earth & are without comparison.

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The North Island of New Zealand in particular has some of the cleanest and most closely monitored watersheds in the world, making them ideal areas for oyster culture. Oyster farmers in these areas have also adopted a rare and unique way of cultivating their crop. Rather than growing oysters in an artificial hatchery, most New Zealand farmers harvest wild baby oysters, just like the natives of New Zealand had done in the pre-colonial era. The wild seed and rustic, yet attentive style of farming not only creates a product of the highest standard, but ensures that the oyster population is completely natural and beneficial to the surrounding ecosystem.

New Zealand's coastal waters are starting to get very cold now as they enter their winter months so the oysters will be fully conditioned with the onset of the U.S. summer months.

Type: Crassostrea Gigas
Harvest Location: Coromandel Peninsula New Zealand
Flavor Profile: 'Coromandels' are a medium-sized oyster with a deep cup. The oyster has a buttery flavor and rich briny liquor, with slight cucumber and watermelon finish.
Size: 3.5"
Pack Size: 120 count

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