Market Name(s): Corbina, Corvina, Croaker, Crocus, Grumbler, Hardheads, King Billy, Nibe, Pinheads, Roncadina

Primary Source(s): US Atlantic

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  12-20 lbs

Corvina is a name for more than 200 fish. These fish are part of the Croaker or Drum family. The Corvina that we see here at Supreme Lobster, are usually coming out of the Atlantic Ocean.


Bottom Trawl

Pound Net


Atlantic Corvina caught in the U.S. Atlantic with beach seines is a "Best Choice."

Atlantic Corvina caught in the U.S. Atlantic with bottom trawls, gillnets or stationary uncovered pound nets is a "Good Alternative."

Corvina has sweet and delicate flavor, and due to the mildness of this fish, it can be used in almost any cooking applications. It can be grilled, baked, broiled, or even used in a ceviche dish.


Don't fear the Corvina! Although your guests may not have tasted this fish before, the flavor is very inviting. Let them know the profile is similar to snapper, grouper or even striped bass!