Sparus Aurata

Market Name(s): Dorade, Daurade, Porgies, Orata, Gilthead Bream

Primary Source(s): Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  1-3 lbs

Popularly Known in Spain as "Dorada", as "Dorade" in France, "Orata" in Italy and in other international markets simply as "Sea Bream".

Supreme Lobster works with farms directly in Europe to ensure the best quality and freshness of this prized delicacy.

Farmed or Wild

Dorade farmed in the Mediterranean Sea in net pens is a "Good Alternative" While most environmental impacts (or the risk of impacts) are moderate, no information was made available regarding how much and how often antibiotics are used in production.

These fish are quintessential when considering an "oven roasted" or "fire roasted" option for your menu. The consistent sizing, elegant white flake and thin skin combine to form an outstanding flavor profile that pairs well with citrus, floral and herbal accompaniments.

As the region's leading supplier and importer of fish from across the globe, Supreme Lobster is the only local operation sourcing these fish direct from the farms and fisheries in Greece and Turkey, ensuring optimal quality and freshness.

This delicious selection pairs well with California and Washington State Chenin Blancs.