Eel – American

Anguilla Rostrata

Market Name(s): American Eel, Common Eel, Atlantic Eel, Silver Eel

Primary Source(s): USA

Season: Limited

Size Range:  Up to 2 lbs

American eels, a snakelike fish species, are found in the Eastern US states. Fishermen tend to go actively fish this species during the holiday season, where the eel is very popular dish for Christmas dinners.

Dip Net

Not much info is known regarding the American Eel at this time.

Eel has a very firm texture and high fat content.

You cannot eat this species raw, it must be cooked. Utilize cooking techniques that will help counter the fatty and oily meat.

Eel is a savory and delicious selection with high levels of Umami-rich oils. Although some people may be put off at the thought of eel… they’ll be pleasantly surprised! Suggest pairing this selection with bright whites or crisp lagers to cut the fatty nature of the fish.