Ruvettus Pretiosus

Market Name(s): Escolar, Walu, Butterfish, Super White Tuna

Primary Source(s): Hawaii

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  Up to 40 lbs

Until recently only insiders of the seafood industry & Hawaiian locals knew about Walu and its rare oil which is unique to only a few species on Earth. Considered one of the best-tasting fish in the world, Walu has an insanely rich, buttery flavor that extraordinarily balances its robust, almost foie-gras like characteristics with an elegant delicateness that is stunningly complex.

The flesh of the animal is pure white. Incredibly white actually, which has often lead to the mislabeling of this protein as "Super White Tuna". The stunning white flesh, partnered with the large broad firm size of the loins and obscenely succulent flavor makes Hawaiian Butterfish sought after as one of the ocean's most desired ingredients.


"Escolar has brilliant white flesh with a satiny texture and a rich, succulent flavor which some have described as similar to halibut but with a richer, more satiny texture. When cooked, it takes flavors well but due to its high fat content it is best with preparations such as marinades, rubs, fruit salsas, etc which are not “heavy” or creamy."

Source : Chef’s Resources

Make sure to you use Walu, Escolar or Butterfish when presenting this fish to your customers.