Fanny Bay

Family operated shellfish farmers Greg and Hollie Wood have been farming shellfish since 1996. Their farm is located in the pristine waters off Denman Island, part of the oyster capital of Canada, the Baynes Sound region of Vancouver Island. All Hollie Wood Farms Oysters are sustainable and Ocean Wise approved. In addition to the quintessential Fanny Bay Oysters farmed by this artisan team, we are thrilled to debut some of their newest harvests to the market!

Supreme Lobster is proud to be the exclusive distributor or Greg & Hollie's Fanny Bay Oysters!

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Fanny Bay Oysters are found in the nutrient rich waters of Baynes Sound on the eastern side of Vancouver Island, BC. Fanny Bays were one of the first widely distributed and renown British Columbia oysters.

Fanny Bay’s are Tray Cultured Oysters, meaning they are not in direct contact with the mud and silt of the bottom of the bay. This method of cultivation gives nicely fluted shells and meats with a clean flavor. But unlike some tray-raised oysters, the shells of Fanny Bays are not terribly brittle. Their meats are full and firm.

The Fanny Bay Oyster company was started by 3 local British Columbia oyster farmers back in the 1980s. Since then they have expanded to cultivating other shellfish including clams and mussels, but they are still renown for their oysters. They are sustainable from start to finish, raising their own oyster seed and nurturing it through the whole cultivation process until it is ready for market. In 2007 Taylor Shellfish Farms acquired Fanny Bay Oysters and added them to their family of shellfish farms.

Type: Crassostrea gigas
Harvest Location: Baynes Sound, east Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Flavor Profile: Fanny Bay Oysters have firm meats, a mild brininess and a pronounced cucumber finish.
Size: Up to 3.5"
Pack Size: 60 count

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