Pseudopleuronectes Americanus

Market Name(s): Winter Flounder, Lemon Sole, Flathead Sole, Arrowtooth

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  1-2 lbs

The Flounder (or Lemon Sole) is one of the most familiar of all ground fishes in the Gulf of Maine.

Thicker bodied than most flounders found in the Gulf of Maine, these monstrous Lemon Sole are oval in shape and generally carry a stunning golden hued skin. They are the most commercially sought flounders caught outside of the Southern Fluke (or Summer Flounder). They are particularly popular due to their thicker, meatier fillets that are second only to those of the larger Halibut.

Flounder can also be found in the Gulf of Alaska.

Supreme Lobster secures product from both sources, make sure to ask your Fishmonger where its coming from!

The fillets are delicate and flaky, which makes them versatile. The are best pan-fried, baked, or simply poached.

Pair this mild but delicious fish with a glass (or bottle) of a medium bodied Chardonnay – your guests will love it!