Paralichthys Dentatus

Market Name(s): Summer Fluke, Winter Flounder, Hirame

Primary Source(s): Coastal Atlantic

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  2-15 lbs

The Domestic Summer Fluke (AKA Summer Flounder) fishery operates from southern Maine to the North Carolina/South Carolina border, depending on local fishery openings. Coastal American Summer Fluke is one of the most globally sought after commercial fish along the Atlantic coast due to its delicately lean white flesh & outstanding flavor.


Bottom Trawl

Day Boat

A highly prized species for both cooked & raw (Hirame Grade) preparations with its lean, white meat & light, delicate flavor which allows great versatility in cooking techniques; the Summer Fluke is available year round but its in this short season from Mid November until just before Christmas that we see some of the best of the year!

Pair this mild but delicious fish with a glass (or bottle) of a medium bodied Chardonnay – your guests will love it!