Frog Legs

Lithobates Catesbeianus

Season: Limited - Year Round. Weather Susceptible.

Size Range:  Field Run

Hunted along 2-3 mile stretches of Florida's Lake Okechobee, these plump, beautiful morsels of white lean meat are a unique ingredient, completely separate from the frozen farmed Asian product seen in most operations across the country.


Small 1-2 manned row boats or fan boats hunt the coastline well after sunset, deep into the nighttime hours armed with nothing but a flashlight & their "Gig" (picture a small pitchfork on a long pole). These southern Giggers scan the marshes with their beams for signs of the glinting of Bullfrog Eyes in the light which temporarily stuns the animal. Once spotted the "gigging" ensues with the hunters throwing their forks at the Bulls in hopes of scoring a kill. This hunting is only done at night & when weather conditions are ideal due to the frog's seeking shelter under Lillie pads during inclement weather. Once caught & gathered the frogs are iced and immediately shipped to Supreme Lobster's Chicago Campus for shipping nationwide.

Lightly dust in seasoned flour and sautee in butter. Nuff Said!

Encourage your guests to try this delicious selection. The mild flavor is remeniscent of chicken or rabbit.