Glacier Bay

An oyster of great purity lives in the crystal-clear icy waters of Bedec Bay.

Oysters can filter up to 300 liters of water a day - the marine habitat where they come from and its concentration in phytoplankton are thus important factors. Glacier Bay oysters grow slowly in a nutrient-rich environment and mature for about 7 years suspended and rocked by the bay's water.

Type: Crassostrea virginica
Harvest Location: Bedec Bay, New-Brunswick, Canada
Flavor Profile: Its soft and plump flesh, presents a vivid, well defined flavor, with subtle fruity pear-like overtones. In a word, very fresh and only for aficionados.
Size: Choice [from 76 to 89 mm (3 to 3.5 inches)
Pack Size: 100 count

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