Hokkaido Scallop

Patinopecten yessoensis

Primary Source(s): Japan

Season: Limited with Preorder

Size Range:  Call

These scallops are sourced from the coastline of Hakkaido (hence the name). This coast has a very unique environment for these scallops to grow and thrive. The area feeds off a warm current (Kurishio) and a cold one (Oyashio), which creates a perfect spot for some of the finest seafood known to man.

These 100% natural, wild caught scallops are day boat harvested & shipped direct to Supreme Lobster's Chicago Facility, arriving within 48 hours of being pulled from the water. Never frozen, Supreme Lobster's Hokkaido Scallops are the only truly fresh chem free Japanese Scallop being sourced in America right now!

The flavor of these ocean delicacies are unlike any domestically caught or even North American Scallop we've ever tried. They have an incredible deep umami flavor and a texture that is uniquely firm. While domestic scallops, when cooked perfectly, can provide a silky almost custard-like delicate texture, these Hokkaido Japanese Scallops have an awesome dense, steak like flavor profile.

Don't mess around with them, either serve raw or sear single scallops in a blazing hot pan. 1 scallop per pan. No more, otherwise you risk losing one of the greatest tasting scallop caramelizations on Earth