Hudson Canyon Scallop

Placopecten Megallanicus

Primary Source(s): Hudson Canyon Closed Fishing Area

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  U8, U10, U12, 10/20, Pieces

The Cape May communities located on New Jersey's southern tip are committed to preserving their heritage and the natural beauty of their environment. These communities are rich in history, with settlements dating back as early as 1848. It is from these pristine, nutrient-rich waters located due East in the Closed Fishing area known as "The Megatron", that fishermen harvest some of the finest seasonal sea scallop in the world.

Closed Area Fishing

Diligently rotating these areas to sustainably regulate harvesting in order to help the larger size's grow out to proper marketable sizing, protect neighboring species and promoting healthy harvests for years to come makes this Closed Area regulation a global pinnacle in sustainable fishing. Our select fleet consistently hunts accompanied by government observers and third party assessors in order to collect useful data in making next year's decisions on what area's to close and keep open.

This year every vessel with a full time permit is allowed 3 closed area trips to the Hudson Canyon allowing the vessel only 17,000 pounds. If a boat brings in 17,005 #'s the whole trip can be seized so strict regulations are adhered to on each trip. This limited fishing, coupled with the unique diet of these regional delicacies ensure a unique merroir.

Sliced raw, these scallops offer a slight natural brine with cucumber and green melon notes. Raw, the flavor is perfectly paired with chiles, bold olive oils and citrus.

High heat however allows these scallops to bloom into something much more complex and versatile. When the natural sugars are coaxed towards the surface, allowing the distinctive caramelization you see in the pics above, it creates a flavor of sweet, salty, crispy and creamy that is unparalleled in any other scallop on the market.