John Dory

Zeus Faber

Market Name(s): John Dory San Pierre Oreo

Primary Source(s): US, Atlantic, Europe, New Zealand

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  .5-4 lbs

John Dory are olive-brown with a golden sheen and a dark spot on the center of each side. They have tiny scales and a very smooth skin. The body is almost oval and is very compressed with a large head and upright jaw. The dorsal-fin membranes extend well beyond the spines and there is a single row of spiny-edged scutes along the belly and at the base of dorsal and anal fins.
John Dory fillets have a firm white flesh. They are very deep and short, tapering sharply. They are rarely skinned since they have small and barely detectable scales.

Dory has a mild taste and a low-fat content. Due to its thin profile and large head, the fillet yield is low, only a third of the fish’s total weight. For this reason, Dory is generally not prepared whole – and why we offer it fresh cut from the fish as fillets. Sautéing, steaming and poaching are all highly recommended, as well as inclusion in soups, stews, and bouillabaisse. Some suggest preparing in ways similar to sole for best results – the Dory’s lean meat can become dry if overcooked.

This is a rare treat and should be a featured selection for your diners! The small, mild flake as an incredibly refined flavor profile that pairs well with bright whites from Australia and New Zealand.