Katama Bay

Source: Chef’s Resource

Katama Bay Oysters are cultivated by several farmers in pristine waters of Katama Bay on the eastern side of Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Depending upon the farmer they may also be called Sweet Petite Oysters. The name “Katama” comes from the original Wampanoag people’s tongue and means “crab fishing place”. Indeed, the area is still a shellfish lover’s paradise with clams, oysters and scallops being harvested to this day.

Katama Bay’s, or Sweet Petites, are produced in small quantities and are considered a “boutique” oyster due to the limited availability and the fact that most of the oysters produced there during the summer tourist season are consumed in local restaurants. The growers prefer quality over quantity as evidenced by the hand-picked oyster selections which are delivered with consistent size and shape.

Type: Crassostrea virginica
Harvest Location: Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Flavor Profile: Katama Bay oysters have deep cups with firm white meats, a briny hit followed by a smooth creaminess and a sweet finish.
Size: 3.5"
Pack Size: 100 count

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