Source: Chef’s Resource

Kusshi Oysters (Kushi oysters) are a Pacific Northwest oyster from one of the British Columbia oyster appellations by Vancouver Island, BC. From the Japanese word for “ultimate’, Kusshi oysters are grown in the rich waters of Deep Bay, BC. They are farmed by the tray suspension method coupled with a unique tumbling process. Oysters which are cultivated by the suspension method are the primadonnas of oyster. They are suspended in mesh trays in deep water their entire lives, protected from predators, mud, sand and silt. Suspended oysters have beautiful shells with deep cups, but they typically are an oyster shucker’s nightmare because their shells are brittle since they never had to fight for survival.

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Kusshi Oysters however have hard shells which are easy to shuck because they take the extra step of Tumbling which helps strengthen their shells. The flavor profile of kusshi oysters tends to be very clean with a delicate flavor. They are similar in taste to Kumamoto oysters, although they tend to be a bit more briny than Kumos.

It can take up to four years for the Kusshi to go through its special cultivation process and be ready for market. The end result is a perfectly manicured hard shell with an unusually deep cup and fabulous meats.