La St Simon

Refined, brown-shelled, light-bodied oysters from Shippagan, one of Beausoleil’s homes. It would be easy to mistake these clean 2.5-inchers for Beausoleils. They seem equally uniform in their smooth teardrop shapes. Tray-cultured in similar ways, they make decent substitutes, though their gray flesh is more salty and less creamy. Still, they have genuine sweetness and make excellent ambassadors to the land of the oyster-shy.

Type: Crassostrea virginica
Harvest Location: Shippagan, New Brunswick
Flavor Profile: The La Saint Simon Oyster from Shippagan, New Brunswick is one-of-a-kind oyster because it has an amazingly dynamic flavor -- wonderful briny start, then transforms on the palate into sweet, buttery goodness down the throat. Describing it in words does not do it justice.
Size: 2.5"
Pack Size: 100 count

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