​Wild Maine

The Blue Mussel is a staple in New England seafood cuisine.

Our chefs nationwide demand these daily. Perfect steamed with garlic and white wine, or in stews, soups, bouillabaisse, and other pasta dishes.

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION/CARE: Product is live. Healthy mussels will be open slightly – to check if they are alive, simply tap on the shell and they should slowly close. Discard mussels that have broken or still remain open after being tapped together. Store in refrigeration upon receipt, preferably in a mesh bag, covered in damp towels or paper. DO NOT store in fresh water or ice. Do not store in airtight plastic containers or bags. DO NOT eat any cooked mussels whose shells remain closed. Best when prepared the day of arrival.

Type: Mytilus Edulis
Harvest Location: Maine
Flavor Profile: Tender with a sweet flavor of the sea
Size: 16-24 pieces per pound
Pack Size: 2#, 5# & 10# bags

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