Montauk Pearl

Grown in floating surface trays attached to longlines in Napeague Bay, tucked just inside the barrier beaches of Montauk at the very end of Long Island’s south fork. Montauk Pearls develop deep cups and polished shells from the constant jostling. They are finished for their last three months in off-bottom cages in Block Island Sound for shell strength and a salty finish.

Type: Crassostrea virginica
Harvest Location: Napeague Bay, Long Island New York
Flavor Profile: The team behind Montauk Shellfish Company in Long Island is incredibly dedicated to what they do, and it shows in this gem of an oyster. With impeccably clean shells and pure, briny flavors Montauk Pearl Oysters capture the heart of the ocean.
Size: up to 3"
Pack Size: 50 count

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