Lampris Regius

Market Name(s): Moonfish Opah Kingfish Glacefish Sunfish

Primary Source(s): Hawaii

Season: Year Round

Supreme Lobster sources Moonfish exclusively from our Hawaiian Vessles Princess K, Serenity & Miss Emma ensuring only the highest grade, sustainably harvested fish enter our supply chain. While moonfish originating from other areas of the pacific may be available in various markets, it the Hawaiian landings that continuously offer the highest grades with outstanding bright colored prime loins and high fat belly sections.

Managers and fishermen in the U.S. Hawaiian fleet have made great strides in reducing bycatch interactions in recent years through changes in regulations and modifications to longline fishing gear.


Opah caught by Hawaiian fleets in the Western and Central Pacific and Eastern Pacific (including vessels landing in California) with deep-set longlines is a "Good Alternative." The status of opah in the Pacific is unknown. In addition, the catch of at-risk or overfished species remains a significant concern even though bycatch mitigation for this fishery is rated highly effective. Overall management is rated effective. There are no impacts on seafloor habitat, and managers have begun to review measures to protect the ecosystem.

Notably the most glorious & intriguing aspect of these animals from a Chef's perspective is the duality of flavor profiles in different sections of the fillet or loins. The back loin boasts an incredible deep amber coloring with a firm lean flesh that's perfect for both high heat direct flame applications or sliced & dressed for sashimi or crudo.

The belly walls of these Hawaiian Moonfish boast a completely different profile. With an outstanding 40% intermuscular fat content the flesh looks like a pale orange kobe beef. Again, adaptable to both high heat as well as raw applications it offers a beautiful buttery smoothness that's absolutely phenominal.

Sliced thin, this Akamanbo (fatty moonfish belly) dissolves from the heat of your tongue, melting into an unctuous experience of fat & natural salinity. When direct high heat is applied, the natural fats & sugars caramelize, encasing the buttery delicate inner flesh with a sweet, crunchy nearly candy-like shell with characteristics similar to pork belly.