Prince Edward Island Blue

Prince Edward Island Blue

The world famous PEI mussel is the most common and highly reputable rope cultured blue mussel on the market today.

It takes the mussels 1-2 years to grow around 2 inches so they ready for harvest. They are then taken to processing plants where they are stripped, de-clumped, washed and graded.

This whole process results in a mussel renowned worldwide for its superb flavor, quality, and consistency.

Type: mytilus edulis
Harvest Location: Prince Edward Island Canada
Flavor Profile: Blue Mussels have plump, tender, sweet meats. Compared to Mediterranean Mussels, Blue Mussels have a milder flavor and do not fill the shell as fully.
Size: 15-20 pieces per pound
Pack Size: 2#, 5# & 10# bags

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