Ram Island

Source: Chef’s Resource

Harvested on the renowned oyster beds of the Norwalk/Westport Island Chain where shallow waters, swift currents and sandy bottoms provide the conditions necessary for raising our wild oysters. Bottom planting as opposed to cage or floating trays, gives these oysters much greater variation offlavor, shape and size. A favorite of Queen Victoria’s amongst many others, our oysters are famous for their unparalleled freshness, sweet briny flavor and plump meats.

Type: Crassostrea virginica
Harvest Location: Long Island Sound, Connecticut
Flavor Profile: Ram Island Oysters have plump, delicate meats with a creamy texture. They have a mild to medium brininess with a yeasty, somewhat smoky flavor and an earthy finish.
Size: up to 5"
Pack Size: 100 conut

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