"America's Seafood Source"



Primary Source(s): Hawaii

Season: Limited

Size Range:  100-300 lbs


Sailfish are fairly abundant throughout their range, and their population is considered stable. They are under no special status or protections.

The delicate texture allows the loins to be handled in sashimi preparations while the robust sizing & high fat contents also provide for a rich flavor profile that will stand up to high temperature cooking techniques; An incredibly versatile seasonal animal

Served raw, Sailfish carries a mild sweet flavor with a firm, semi dense texture which works perfect, dressed with citrus & garnished with peppery summer greens. Once cooked, the complex flavors of this incredible animal are allowed to properly bloom. The thick loin works great when exposed to direct high heat, slightly melting the moderate oil contents into the muscles. Keeping the inner flesh a delicate rare is recommended to offer an outstanding contrast to the charred outer sections of the "steak".