Salmon – Ora King

Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha

Primary Source(s): New Zealand

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  10-15 lbs

Heralded as "New Zealand's seafood version of Japanese Wagyu beef", farm raised Ōra King Salmons have only recently been introduced into the United States. Only a handful of salmon farms in the world produce King Salmons in aquaculture. Specially bred and meticulously raised, Ōra Kings are available a year-round, fulfilling menu demands without the seasonal harvest limitations of their wild-caught brothers.

Ōra Kings are named for the native New Zealand Maori word "ora" which translates to mean "fresh" and "alive". Raised by the King Salmon Company (the largest global producer of farmed Kings), Ōra Kings are a product of decades of specialized breeding designed to produce an "ultra-premium" line of superior quality Kings. Over 18 years of classical breeding programs spawned over 90 distinct "families" of salmon - with full traceability for every individual fish that goes back over 5 generations. Ōra Kings are the final, superior outcome of this lineage, displaying the most vibrant color, highest natural oil content, marbleized fat lines, and largest grow-out sizes.

Farm Raised

Chinook salmon farmed in New Zealand in marine net pens is a "Best Choice." There's good evidence that environmental impacts are minimal, including no disease or parasite outbreaks and a low risk of impacts from escapes.

Salmon is extremely versatile in the kitchen (hence it's great popularity) and is delicious cut into fillet or steak cuts when pan fried, steamed, grilled skin on, poached and braised. Fresh salmon is also served sashimi style, and is of course wonderful when cold or hot smoked.