Salmon – Wild Coho

Oncorhynchus Kisutch

Market Name(s): Coho & Silver

Primary Source(s): Washington state all the way up to Alaska

Season: June through October

Size Range:  Whole fish average 12

This popular salmon has orange-red flesh, moderate oil content, firm texture and a delicate flavor. A favorite among salmon connoisseurs for its mild yet commanding addition to every plate.

Troll, Gillnet and Purse Seine

Coho salmon caught in Oregon (North of Cape Falcon) with trolls is a "Good Alternative." It's unknown if the main coho salmon populations are healthy, but overfishing is not likely occurring. However, salmon from endangered or threatened Chinook and coho populations are also caught. Moderately effective management is challenged by the presence of depleted populations and other complex factors. Many salmon runs on the U.S. West Coast are augmented by large numbers of hatchery salmon, which could reduce the ability of wild populations to survive.