Sea Scallop

Placopecten megallanicus

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  20/30 - U8

We carry all types and sizes of scallops to fit your needs!

The most popular sizes are a U/10 (less than 10 scallops per LB) and 10/20 (10-20 scallops per LB).

These scallops are sourced on the East Coast, usually around the New Bedford area, but also can be caught down to New York, New Jersey, and Virginia. The scallops are always shucked at sea, due to the fact that they die out of water. The meat is then kept on ice until the boat returns to the shore or they can also be frozen at sea.

Sea scallops have a sweet, rich taste that people tend to love. You see scallops on almost every restaurants menu.  Once cooked (usually pan seared), the meat is opaque with a very firm and lean texture