Skate Wing

Market Name(s): Winter Skate, SkateRay

Primary Source(s): Maine to Virginia

Season: Year Round

Size Range:  1-3 lb Wings

"Skates & Rays are a bottom dwelling fish related to the shark family and as such have cartilage instead of bones. They are shaped like a kite and although colors vary, most Skate are a brownish gray color. Skates are larger than Rays and have longer, more pointed snouts. Their “wings” are composed of multiple strips of flesh separated by strips of cartilage. Size varies greatly by species with the largest Skate reaching weights up to 200 pounds, but average commercial size is about 8-10 pounds whole fish."

Source: Chef’s Resource

Bottom Trawl - Gillnet

Winter skates caught in the U.S. Atlantic with are a "Good Alternative." The stock's status has improved, but there's some uncertainty because winter skates aren't reliably identified when they're landed by other fisheries. In addition, there are serious concerns about bycatch of many other species, including overfished, threatened and endangered species.

Skate is quickly gaining popularity in modern cuisine due to the firm, succulent meat. Skate work best when prepared either roasted "on the bone", sauteed or lightly breaded and served crispy, similar to a schnitzel.