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Snapper – Opakapaka

Snapper – Opakapaka

Pristipomoides Filamentosus

Market Name(s): Paka Pink Snapper Hawaiian Snapper

Primary Source(s): Hawaii

Season: Caught year-round in the Hawaiian Islands, there is a distinct peak in landings during the winter season (October-February), particularly in the fishery around the main Hawaiian Islands.

Size Range:  up to 15 lbs

vertical hook-and-line gear.

Opakapaka snapper caught in Hawaii with handlines is a "Good Alternative." The stock's status is unknown, habitat impacts are minimal and management of the fishery is moderately effective. However, this fishery also targets Hawaiian grouper (aka Hapu'u), a near threatened species that's endemic to the Hawaiian Islands.

In Hawaii, smaller-sized fish is often prepared whole by steaming or baking. Also for soup and sashimi. Opakapaka fillets are well suited for an array of preparations, including baking, poaching and sauteing.

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